Stephen Bess Associates, Inc.


An Electronic Manufacturers' Representative Serving Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas and El Paso


480-967-5332 or 800-668-6919


Manufacturers Represented

Desert Direct


SMD and Discrete LEDs, High Power LEDs up to 3 watts, Ultra Thin SMD Displays
Custom Heatsinks, Heatpipes, BGA Heatsinks and LED coolers. 

Curtis Industries
Specialized Manufacturer of Custom & Standard Terminal Blocks, PC Board Blocks, Din Rail Blocks, EMI/RFI Filters, Relay Sockets, Military Filters,  Military Filtered Connectors and Custom Injection Molding
Desert Direct 
Sheet Metal Fabrication, Quick Turn Prototypes Using Flow Mach Waterjet, Custom Wiring and System Integration


Thermal Interface Materials, Custom Silicone Rubber Extrusions, Zebra Elastomeric Connectors

EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets, Tapes, Ventilation Panels, Windows, Conductive Coatings, RF Aborbers and Ferrite Materials


DC Fans, AC Fans, Blowers and Impellers, Custom Fan Assemblies and Fan Accessories

TFT Displays, COG LCD Modules, EM Touch, Graphic LCD Modules, Character LCD Modules

Regal Electronics, Inc.

Speakers, Communication Connectors, Shielded Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Wall Mount and Table Top Power Supplies

PCB Assembly, Turnkey Product Assembly & Packaging, Injected Mold Plastics, Cable & Wire Harness Assembly


Switching Power Supplies from 5 to 1000 watts (medical grade available), DC/DC Converters from 1-400 watts, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, AC Line Filters, Rackmount Chassis

Modular Drop-In Components (Amplifiers, Mixers, Multipliers, Filters, Splitters, Couplers), Rapid Prototyping Station, FREE Online Simulator and Mechanical Layout Tool